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All of her life, Cadence “Cade” Williams has been lied to…

With her ailing father on his deathbed, a whispered secret sends Cadence’s life into a tailspin. Determined to either confirm or debunk her father’s claim, she sets out on a mission to grow close to the only man with evidence to set things straight. To do that, Cadence earns a position in an elite security firm owned by her father’s old army buddy, Noah “Mac” Mackinley.

Mac is the only man who could hold the evidence to support her father’s claims…

But first, she must prove herself worthy of Mac’s trust and get close enough to find the truth. Her first mission is to watch over an eight-year old girl, Harley Clark.

Harley is not an ordinary girl. She’s the daughter of a rock star…

Despite her fragile appearance, Harley has tenacity and brilliance like nothing Cade has ever seen. To everyone’s surprise—including her own—Cade forms an unlikely friendship with the beautiful wallflower.

Her first assignment just became more interesting…

When Harley’s rock star father, Jax Clark, enters the scene, Cade can’t deny the instant attraction for the self-proclaimed bad boy. Tattoos, piercing eyes, and a raspy voice that sends thousands of fans into a screaming frenzy, he’s more than just a heartthrob. Worse, Jax starts to pay her more attention than she expects.

She’s faced with a choice—get lured in by the celebrity world and lose any chance of finding out the truth, or stick to the plan and avoid Jax at all costs to earn Mac’s trust.


I will start by saying that Michelle is absolutely awesome! I adore her! ❤

I’ve read her work on Wattpad and became a fan the minute I read the first chapter of her novel! So, when I found that one of her novels was getting published, naturally I had to read it. And, I wasn’t disappointed!

All the characters are so well portrayed and they have their distinguished, individual voices. The descriptions and the scenes flow oh – so very smoothly. Also, the story develops at a fast pace which keeps the reader interested and unable to keep the book down.

It all pans out beautifully to make one heck of a story.
I loved it so much that I actually was hiding behind my laptop at work and reading on my phone. And, the last book I did that for was November 9. So, yeah. You get the picture.

The heroine, Cadence ‘Cade’ is fierce, independent and level headed. She’s immensely strong willed. She loves her grandmother a lot (So many brownie points for that, Cade!) and values her job, which is being Harley’s bodyguard, a little too much. The bond that she shares with Harley is really beautiful. I love it.

The hero, Jackson ‘Jax’ is a certified sexy beast. He’s the lead singer in one of the leading rock bands. Yeah, sexy beast, right? But, he’s also a father. A father who’s been absent in his daughter’s life for a long time and a father who’s trying to make things right with her. He doesn’t know the first thing about raising a child, but the way he is with Harley is so heartwarming. He tries, he tries so hard, to bond with her and try to be a good father that it just really, really melts my heart.

And, of course, there’s Harley. Sweet, little Harley, who’s suffered a little too much as compared to the rest of the eight – year olds of the world. Between a mostly absent father and an ignorant mother (who’s too busy living her life with her new husband and looking for a fix), she’s a lot more subdues and grown up than she should be. Her only ray of light, her grandmother, passes away, leaving her more recluse than ever. And, it is Cade, who takes the first step in breaking down those walls. The bond that Harley and Cade share, right from the beginning of the story is so good and pure, you can’t help but love it.

So, yes, this is a must freakin’ read. It’s lovely, smart, humorous, sexy and romantic all in the right places. I adore it! I think it’s gorgeous, sensational, beautiful, mind boggling, phenomenal and any other such word that you may find in the dictionary (because I can’t bring myself to open a thesaurus.)




P.S : Credit for the above image goes to the uploader. I only found it on Google! 😛

Happy Readings! 😀


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