The Wattpad Block Party


Those of you who are already on Wattpad must be aware of this cool thing that happens on Wattpad twice every year, but for those who don’t, the Wattpad Block Party is here!

Now, you’re wondering what it is, right?

It’s exactly what it says, a party. That takes place on Wattpad, where writers communicate with their favourite authors who also post stuff about their novels and themselves, right from Spin Offs, Alternate Realities, Writing Tips to character interviews, personal interviews and everything in between.

A few writers are chosen by the host, Kelly Anne Blount to participate in the event and they’re the ones who post stuff.

They’ve had two amazing parties already and are coming with this 3rd one which goes live in February 2016!

The featured authors include Christopher Pike (yes, you heard right, it did say Christopher Pike), Beth Reekles (of The Kissing Booth fame), Jordan Lynde (of A Proscriptive Relationship fame) and many more such amazing authors! And, I’m one of them! Booyah!

It’s an honor to be featured and I’m feeling completely star struck amongst these amazing and brilliant authors, but this is an amazing opportunity for me to increase my fan base (which is pretty non existent atm) and for you to discover many great new authors!

So, please, please, please do be a part of it!

It would mean the world to all of us!

Here’s the link –

The Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition II

Hope to see you guys there!

It’s starting tomorrow and I’m uber pumped! 🙂



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