#WattpadWednesday – A Proscriptive Relationship, Jordan Lynde


15427-176-k838503Holly’s new teacher is young and handsome, and he has a dark past. She soon finds herself charmed by Mr. Heywood’s ways and her life gets thrown into chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome?
The closer they get to each other, the more danger finds them. Holly knows Mr. Heywood is hiding something from his past, but why is it so bad? And more importantly, if she falls for him, could their relationship survive? After all… it would be a proscriptive relationship.




How am I supposed to put into words how much I love this book? It’s damn near impossible. I’ve loved this story for a long time now. So much so, that after all this time it’s like second nature to love this story. I know it like the back of my hand and I’ve read it more times than I can tell you without embarrassing myself.

Yeah, I really, really love this story. It’s a very significant story in my life. It’s the first ever story that I read on Wattpad. So, this story opened the doors of Wattpad in my life. And all the credit goes that one little friend who knew that it was the best thing in the world that I absolutely had to read. So, thank you, Jo. You made this possible. And I owe you. Huge. :*

Not only did this story introduce me to Wattpad, it’s also the story I recommended to my now best friend. In fact, in the early days of our friendship, we only talked because I suggested her this story and she came back to me with reviews aka to tell me how much she loved it.

So, yeah. This story means a hella lot to me. And I can never ever thank Jordan enough for this beautiful story. The fact that she’s just the absolute best and always makes time for her fans goes a long way in cementing the fact that she is one of the best people around. You just hit her up on Twitter any damn time and she always reverts to your tweets. I know this because most of our interaction has been on Twitter and every time, she has been just amazing. 😀

Okay, so yeah, I think that’s enough gushing about the story and the author. I think we should move on to the fact as to why I love this.

Now, there’s a ton of student – teacher relationship stories out there, but what makes this one different? Well, the biggest difference is that it doesn’t follow the cliche story where the couple meet in summer, fall in love and then school starts and they find out one of them is the teacher. Yeah, not happening here. Holly’s first real, honest to God interaction with Chris happens on her first day of her senior year. So, she already knows he’s her teacher and he knows she’s his student, but they still fall for each other.

Also, Chris isn’t the golden boy from college who kick starts his career as a high school teacher. He has a shady past. And when I say shady, I mean gang wars and prison shady. So, yeah. There’s a lot of back story to Chris’ character. His transformation from a gang leader to a teacher and then finally to Holly’s boyfriend is amazing. It’s so much fun to read.

I believe that these are the two points that hugely distinguish APR from any other Student – Teacher story out there. Also, it’s action packed and has a ton of fights. And, it’s downright hilarious at times. So, yeah, complete package, anyone?

I bet you already love this and I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Yes, it does get better. Shut your mouth, you’ll catch flies!

What I love best about this story is the relationship that Chris and Holly aka Hollywood share. It’s absolutely sensational. They’re freakin’ perfect together. Like, totally the best. They laugh and joke around. They’re honest and open with each other, kind of. And they always have each other’s backs. Plus, they’re downright cute and mushy when they want to be. ❤

Talking about the characters individually, I really adore Chris. He’s smart and funny. He’s really handsome and dashing. He’s the world’s best cook (according to Holly, anyway). He’s sweet when he wants to be and he’s insanely protective and possessive. He gets jealous easily. And, yeah, he’s a tad too arrogant. But, I would be too, I guess if I were him. So, yeah. But, he can be total jerk at times. And, he sucks at the cheesy, romantic stuff. So, he’s not perfect, but he is amazing.

Holly, I believe is just your average 17 year old high school student. She’s got best friends and school and homework and the world’s awesomest mom ever. Seriously guys, I heart Lynn Evers. She is ah – mazing. But, talking about Holly, she’s cute, I guess. She blushes at every tiny thing. She’s never been kissed in her life. And of course, she’s never, ever had a boyfriend. But, she isn’t Miss Goody – Two – Shoes by any means. She’s sarcastic and hilarious, if a but sensitive. Also, she’s got a mean right hook (she gets once Chris and Jeremy teach her how to use one :P)

And, then, there’s Jeremy. Who I might add is an absolute sweetheart. He’s Chris’ best friend. He’s amazingly funny and hilarious and cracks the best jokes ever. He’s basically a child in a man’s body. And I adore him! ❤

Apart from him, there’s Casey and Lance, who are Holly’s best friends. They’re also a bunch of high schoolers who hang out together all the time and have a weird obsession with Lord Voldemort. (Yes, Casey, we’re talking about you.)

All in all, I absolutely adore this. And recommend it to everyone!



“I’ll make you drunk off my love.” – Chris Heywood


“As cheesy as it sounds, I want us to be that stupid old couple who sits on their deck every night watching the sunset.” – Chris Heywood



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