#WattpadWednesday (Hidden Gems) – A Marriage of Convenience, Salonika Vale

So, another Wednesday, another Wattpad story!

Are you guys excited?

Today, we’re talking about a Marriage of Convenience by Salonika Vale.



55964175-176-k925102When Charlotte Wright, soon-to-be-broke creator of the Charlotte’s Web dating service, agrees to marry Wolfram van der Waals, she convinces herself it has all to do with her benefit and not his. After all, a life of luxury and enough cash to keep her livelihood from sinking?

It has nothing to do with payback for his insults five years ago at the very fateful Christmas she spent with his family. It has nothing to do with his very cute, very available younger brother. And it absolutely has nothing to do with her own feelings for the man himself.

She was once told that nice guys finish last – but nice girls get what they want.


This is an amazing story! Not your average billionaire falls for middle class girl. They have a connection that is deeper than that. They have history. And there’s a lot of emotions that have been explored in their quasi relationship. They haven’t even started dating yet (this is an ongoing story on Wattpad) and still, everything that has happened is absolutely scintillating and gorgeous. I love this!

This is the story of Wolfram Van der Wells and Charlotte Wright, two people who could not have been more unlike each other if they tried. They’ve had different upbringings, follow different ideals and have completely different morals, which is why they tend to clash on a lot of fronts. But, that’s what makes their story amazing.

The characters are amazingly written and their development throughout the plot is something that is exceedingly phenomenal. It’s really awesome, actually.

Charlotte is practical, straight forward and to the point. She doesn’t beat around the bush and she doesn’t play games. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t take shit from anyone about anything. She can hold her own in an argument and really floors me with the will power and determination she seems to possess. I adore her!

Wolf, on the other hand, I’m not sure about. I don’t really like him all that much at the moment, but hey! That may change as the story progresses. He’s temperamental and quick to form opinions and judge people. The one thing I hate about him is that once he gets to know somebody, he still doesn’t really change his opinion about them. First impressions are last impressions, huh? But, that’s what I don’t really like about him. Although, I do believe that Wolf has a lot more depth than what has been depicted in the story as of now and that he is a really good person at heart. If given the chance, he could go on to be a really, really phenomenal man. Well, we’ll get to see either way.

I can’t really wait for this to unfold I really recommend all you guys to read it!



“I don’t think he’s a white knight. I’m looking for him to save me. I’m his white knight, Levi. I’m the one saving him.”  –  Charlotte Wright

(Yes, Saloni, I’m still fangirling about this one amazing dialogue. Char is the absolute best!)



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Happy Readings! ❤


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