The Secret of Heaven, Felix Alexander – Book Review


29634554Biblical clues reveal an ancient truth.

When Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. He must utilize his knowledge of Scripture to decipher an encrypted letter and find a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ. Pursued by the FBI, Chicago PD and a secret organization known only as The Group, Aiden races against the clock to expose the secret of heaven. For hidden within the text is an ancient truth about the most controversial message Jesus left to His disciples.


*Free copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

This is an interesting story full of conspiracy theories. What I liked most about this story was that it kept you guessing till the end as to what would happen. It is full of people double crossing each other for their own benefits and you just cannot trust one person. They’ll try to help you one moment and then try to kill you the next. So, yeah, a lot of betrayals. I love them!

The flow of the writing in this one is free and methodical. Nothing is out of place. The jumping points of view can be confusing and annoying, if not done well. But, that is not the case in this one. The way that the story is written, it’s pretty easy to understand what is happening when and which character is it focusing on.

It is a pretty well written piece of literature that you must definitely read!

The only thing that I didn’t like about it is the Dan Brown – esque feel that this story has. At many points, I felt that it was a Dan Brown novel and not someone else’s. The individuality of the author was lost at times and that was a definite negative point to this story.

Other than that, the portrayals, the reference and the characterization is done brilliantly. I love how all the Biblical references are made. All characters have a defined, unique voice in the narrative. The plot is amazing.

Long story short, if you are a fan of Dan Brown, particularly the Robert Langdon series, then Aiden Leonardo is the man for you!




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6350092Felix Alexander (1976-Present) is a Mexican-born, American-raised novelist, and poet of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

Acclaimed by readers for his poetic prose, his indie releases include: Dear Love: Diary of a Man’s Desire, a collection of love letters and poems; The Romantic: A Love Story; and most recently an epic historical fantasy Shadows of Time: The Amulet of Alamin along with a mystery-thriller The Secret of Heaven.

Being third-generation military, after a grandfather and uncle who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War, respectively, Alexander is proud of his service in the U.S. Army, and grateful for his experience.

After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, he embarked on the long and arduous journey of a writer. Having made a name for himself during his tenure, serving his country, he vowed to himself and his fellow soldiers that he would answer his true calling.

When not spending time with his children, a son and daughter, he journeys through the portals in his extensive, personal library. When he returns, he immerses himself in his writing, and pursues the scent of his muse.


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