Silver Moon Sparkling, Kate Perry – Book Review



Everyone in Bedford Falls wants to see Robbie Masters find his own Happily Ever After, but Robbie knows happy comes with a price, and it’s not one he wants to pay.


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*

Well, I happen to be one of the privileged people to be a part of Kate’s review team and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! I adore Kate’s stories and helping her getting the word out for her novels is a great, great feeling!

Just like all of her novels, Silver Moon Sparkling has a cutesy, feel good edge to it that makes the reader happy to read it. The characters are sweet and cute and adorable. They have depth and meaning and a story to tell. And Kate tells that story beautifully. It is such a pleasure to read about them.

The story primarily revolves around Robbie and his love life, and on Lily, a teenage girl who is battling self esteem issues and trying to mend fences with her family. It is told in alternating perspectives by Robbie, his love interest, Sara and Lily and is an absolute delight to read.

Robbie’s struggles when it came to his love life were so real and deep. I connected with him a lot on the level that he didn’t want his heart to be broken after the past relationships he’s had. And with good reason. Of course all that goes for a toss when Sara enters his life and he falls for her, hard and fast. The growth of his relationship with Sara is written so beautifully that it makes your heart melt and it makes you swoon. Seriously, it does.

Sara’s struggles, on the other hand, are career related. She’s struggling to move ahead in her career as a motivational speaker. She’s losing all hope and hanging on a thin shred when Robbie comes in. He believes in her and he encourages her and she blossoms in his company. It really is beautiful how they are together.

And, of course, there’s Lily. She’s struggling through so much. Everything in her life is changing and she’s barely hanging on, trying to cope with everything. But, between her mother’s new boyfriend (who she likes, but doesn’t admit out loud, because she has a father), her absentee grandfather who suddenly has interest in spending time with her and going out with a douchebag to placate her best friend, she has her plate full. But, there’s the one boy who makes her feel happy and she needs to chose. Who’s happiness is more important. Hers or of those around her.

All the stories come out beautifully. I love them. The characters are great and relatable and amazing. All of them. My favorite is definitely Luna, Robbie’s friend. I cannot wait for her book to be released! Seriously! She is so goddamn amazing. I just adore her. Everything about her. She is GREAT!

You should really, really go read this! Now!




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Kate has tangoed at midnight with a man in blue furry chaps, dueled with flaming swords in the desert, and strutted on bar tops across the world and back. She’s been kissed under the Eiffel Tower, had her butt pinched in Florence, and been serenaded in New Orleans. But she found Happy Ever After in San Francisco with her Magic Man.

Kate’s the bestselling author of the Laurel Heights Novels, as well as the Family and Love and Guardians of Destiny series. She’s been translated into several languages and is quite proud to say she’s big in Slovenia. All her books are about strong, independent women who just want love.

Most days, you can find Kate in her favorite café, working on her latest novel. Sometimes she’s wearing a tutu. She may or may not have a jeweled dagger strapped to her thigh…


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