Sweet Haven, Shirlee McCoy – Book Review


25640717In Benevolence, Washington, the Lamont family’s irresistible handmade chocolates are a cherished tradition–and always a reason to celebrate. And now they’re giving the three Lamont sisters, one by one, delicious chances to start again, make a change, and have their sweetest dreams come true…

Neighbors who care, a peaceful routine–accountant Adeline Lamont is glad some things about her beloved hometown never change. But when her grandfather is injured, she has to run the family store, Chocolate Haven, and make its legendary fudge. Trouble is, she can’t get the recipe right to save her life–or Chocolate Haven. And she doesn’t need her ornery new tenant, Sinclair Jefferson, stirring up the pot with his help–and daring Addie to taste her wild side…

Once Sinclair gets his hapless brother back on track, he’s leaving Benevolence for good this time. He’s made his life far away from his irresponsible family and their scandals. Trouble is, he can’t quite stay away from Addie’s optimism, enticing plus-size curves, and kindness to those who need it most. But they don’t seem to have a thing in common–except that Addie’s passion for chocolate, and for Benevolence, is just as contagious as Sinclair’s passion for her. Maybe small-town life has its charms after all…


*ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

So, romance! Gosh, I love these kind of books. They make you believe that your happily ever after might actually exist somewhere! This is exactly what this book did for me. It made me believe that maybe somewhere, there is somebody who might be ready to accept me for who I am.

And, that feeling which I got from reading this book is exactly why I love it so much! It is not everyday that you feel such things, so yes, I am grateful for that!

The thing that I liked most about this story is, yes, you guessed it right! The female lead is not a gorgeous, skinny blonde! (And, the writer of the year goes to Shirley McCoy, for giving us not – size zero girls hope for love!)

Seriously, you have no idea how happy that makes me! I can’t remember reading a book where the lead was on the heavier side, so that definitely makes the book 100 times more likable than it already is!

I love the romance, though! It is so sweet and cute and just the right amount. I love the warm feelings that just swam through my entire body when I read this. I love the couple, I love the dog! What more could you ask for?

Seriously though, this is such a cute, little romance that you should definitely read! 🙂




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