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22892448Bernice Aurora Wescott has one thing she doesn’t want anyone to know: her name. That is, until Bee meets Levi, the local golden boy who runs a charity organization called The Color Project.

Levi is not at all shy about attempting to guess Bee’s real name; his persistence is one of the many reasons why Bee falls for him. But while Levi is everything she never knew she needed, giving up her name would feel like a stamp on forever. And that terrifies her.

When unexpected news of an illness in the family drains Bee’s summer of everything bright, she is pushed to the breaking point. Losing herself in The Color Project—a world of weddings, funerals, cancer patients, and hopeful families that the charity funds—is no longer enough. Bee must hold up the weight of her family, but to do that, she needs Levi. She’ll have to give up her name and let him in completely or lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

For fans of Stephanie Perkins and Morgan Matson, THE COLOR PROJECT is a story about the three great loves of life—family, friendship, and romance—and the bonds that withstand tragedy.


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts are entirely my own and in no way biased.*

This book. Just, this book. I AM IN LOVE. COMPLETELY, IRREVOCABLY, WHOLLY IN LOVE. There aren’t enough words to describe how in love I am with this story. It’s a whole lot. And I know that as the years progress, and I read more books, new books – good and bad and amazing – this one will still, always, always, always hold a very special place in my heart. So, thank you, Sierra, for writing this beautiful book and sharing it with the world. We really need it.


The Color Project, follows the story of Bee. Bee absolutely abhors her name and goes by Bee. The only people who know her full name are her family and her best friend, Gretchen. She’s just graduated high school and is taking a gap year to figure out what she actually wants to do in life and what she should study. In the meanwhile, she’s got a job at a florist that she loves. She’s got an amazing family and good friends and a very nice job and though her best friend is thousands of miles away from her, Bee’s life is good. Or so she thinks. As of late, her parents have been arguing (or that’s what she thinks it is) and it is kind of upsetting because her parents have been in love for so long. She’s scared because she doesn’t want them to fight, like all kids. While this is going on, she meets Levi. He’s a friend of a friend of her brother. They hit it off and become friends and start dating. And then, she finds out why exactly her parents have been arguing and her whole world just breaks. This is the story of how Bee learns to love, to live and to let go.


I absolutely love Bee. She’s shy and awkward and goofy and loves to read and listen to music. Yeah, my kinda girl. She’s so cute – all rambly and nervous – and I loved her from the get go. Yes, she can be stubborn and childish at times, but hey! Nobody’s perfect. I love how she gets excited about the littlest things and how much she loves her family. She’s always so good and genuine and nice, you can’t help love her. It was also interesting that she absolutely loathed her name. I mean, I have never met or read about a person who hates their name with such a passion. So, that was new. She really never tells her name to anyone. Not even Levi, not even after they’ve fallen in love. And yes, I have read about how people think it’s stupid that she won’t tell him her name, but I think that the reason she didn’t is not because she hates her name. It is so much more than that. She hates her name, yes. So, it’s obvious that she doesn’t want Levi to associate her with that name. I mean, would you constantly want to be associated with something you hate? I think not. But, it’s so much more than that. I believe that she’s afraid because she’s never been in a relationship before and her life ahead is so daunting with the fear of moving for college and not even being sure about what to study and all the things going on at home. So, she hides. And, if she tells Levi her name, that will be it. She will have revealed all of herself to him and she’s not ready to do that. Not just yet. So, yes, I understand why she’s reluctant to tell him her name and no, it’s not stupid or childish like so many people think. So, yeah. But, despite all that, she’s such an amazing person and I adore her so much! What I feel about Bee is summed up in this GIF pretty nicely!


And, then, Levi. He’s my precious babyboy who’s my chocolate chip muffin with a Nutella on the side and I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE HIM so, so, so much.


He’s absolutely sensational. I love how he’s so honest and open and full of life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my broody, mysterious boys. But, Levi. God, Levi. He’s just such an amazing person. He’s not broody or mysterious. But, most of all, he’s not a fuckboy (which I like to call all these broody heroes in YA novels with their mixed signals and their reluctance to have an open, honest conversation and say what they mean.) Levi is the exact opposite of that. He’s such a genuine person. He’s soft and loving and caring and doesn’t hide his emotions. He runs a charity at nineteen and I think that’s the most commendable thing ever. He honest to God cares so much about the work he does and how to help the community and it’s just all so good to read and experience. I love how determined he is to do as much good as possible. As a person, he is so amazing. And as a boyfriend, he’s so loving and caring. I love how he’s always supporting Bee in any way he can, how it’s so evident that he absolutely adores Bee and how he’s just always loving up on her in any way he can. He’s absolutely awesome!


Okay, moving on to the romance. GOSH! So much slow burn. I mean, they got together almost halfway through the book and the entire time they weren’t, I was like, please just get together already!


I mean, sure, yeah, I love how they’re friends first and develop their bond over a period of time, but I really just wanted for them to be together. And I was just so very happy when they finally did! I was like, YEAH! FINALLY!


Sure, they had their ups and downs and there were times that they didn’t get along and fought, just like normal couples, but I was always rooting for them, from the get go. And even when they were fighting or figuring things out or broken up, they always cared about one another and there were times that a sweet moment or a conversation almost made me cry because it touched me so much. (One particular moment stands out so much more than the rest. It came to me in the middle of all the grief and sadness in the book and it made me smile so wide when I had been ugly sobbing. So, I love that. You know what I’m talking about, Sierra. We’ve already discussed that scene at length. But, I just want to say, thank you for that moment.) Yes, Bee and Levi are not perfect. Their relationship isn’t either, but they’re so in love and they put so much effort into the relationship that it just warms my heart! They’re so good together.

This book is exceptionally well written and I just love it. It made me laugh and cry and fall in love. It gave me hope. It taught me that hardships and loss are a part of life and that no matter what, my life is mine and it will go where I take it. I have really ugly sobbed in this book a whole lot, thank you, Sierra. It gave me so many FEELS and I don’t know whether to hate Sierra because I cried so much or to love her because she touched me so deeply. I think in the end I’m going to settle for loving her because she’s an amazing human being even though she’s the “destroyer of emotions” and because she’s probably one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I really do love her.


I love this book. I adore it. I love all the characters, not just Bee & Levi. I would absolutely love it if Sierra would write books about Tom (Bee’s brother) and Ella (Bee & Levi’s friend) ‘s romance because that would be awesome. They seem like an amazing couple and I would love to know more about their relationship, more so, because I adored the two of them in TCP. Then, there’s Keagan, who’s book I would absolutely love to read because he was such a rad and awesome character. And then, there’s Gretchen, Bee’s best friend who’s such an amazing best friend and who supports Bee so much even though she’s so many miles away and I adore her. Bee’s parents and Levi’s mom are both so amazing. And then there’s all the teenagers who’re scattered around in the story – Bee’s sisters and volunteers at TCP who all seem to be such amazing people and all of whom have stories of their own! Amazing characterization, really. Hats off!


One thing that I absolutely love about this book is the importance of family. It plays such an important part in the story and I LOVE that. In most YA books, the parents are non existent. They’re always busy in their own world – taking vacations or handling their multimillion businesses or just uninterested. But, in this story, the parents take such an active role in the lives of their kids and I love that! It’s the way a teenager’s life actually is. Your parents are always around – if not both, at least one of them. It was how it was for me and for my friends and even for my parents. So, I like how it was portrayed in this story.

Okay, yeah, so I’ve rambled on for a long time about this book and why it’s so amazing and I’m sure you’re all just waiting for it to be over, so I won’t bore you guys anymore. But, please, please, please go buy this book. You’ll love it! It’s absolutely amazing and beautiful and sensational and just worth all the time and money you have to invest in it.


Congratulations, Sierra, on such a beautiful story and such an amazing debut. I love you and I love this book and I cannot wait till everyone reads this, because I know they’re all going to love it just as much as I do!





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8436117At 7 years old, Sierra Abrams decided that one day she would publish a book. For over a decade, in between exploring other career options, she kept coming back to that very first dream. Now her life consists of writing books of all kinds… Kissing books, angsty books, killing books, whimsical books, and sometimes books that are all of the above. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, traveling, consuming sushi, or daydreaming about Henry Cavill.

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