#BroodyBFF – Of Music and Songs

Um… hey guys! So, I’m not sure if you know, but I’m a part of the #BroodyBFF Street Team and IT’S BEEN A LOT OF FUN! Broody is always giving us all these new challenges so that we can prove that we’re actually BFFs and this week, he wants us to talk about music!

So, Music in YA is pretty important, what with all the authors having these book playlists that just give us all the damn feels and the Spotify & 8Tracks playlists that bring the book to life with music. Personally, my favourite YA book with music has to be The Color Project by Sierra Abrams! TCP chapters are all song titles and they just relate so well to the chapter they’re used for and the book in general and I LOVE IT! The reading experience of this book was a hundred times better with the playlist in the background and I just love how it just went in flow with the story and enhanced the experience so well! I just… I absolutely adore the TCP playlist! Apart from the chapter playlist, both the protags in the book, Bee & Levi are major music nerds and they have lots of conversations centered around music. In fact, Levi tells Bee he likes her by using a song (how cute is that?!?!?!?). Bee and her best friend, Gretchen, supply each other with songs for the day and any new song they might have discovered which they knew the other would like. So, yes, music is a huge part of TCP and I love how Sierra has incorporated all this amazing music throughout the book. I have discovered countless new artists thanks to this book and I love that even more! Seriously, this book is an amazing example of how to blend books and music together and I adore it! You guys should totally check it out! It comes out on 18th July which is right around the corner, so get those preorders in! I’ll leave the links to it below so that you can check the GR summary and buy links! 😀

Also, Sierra is self publishing the novel. You can donate to the cause on her Crowdrise page if you’re so inclined!

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Seeing as all us readers and bloggers are wannabe writers in every way, we tend to have writing music. Well, I certainly do. And sometimes, when I’m writing, I’ll just think of a particular song again and again and again (this has been happening a lot lately because in one of the embarrassing fanfics I’m writing, the MC is a singer/producer. So, yeah. Music.) Anyway, I have some standard writing music when all is said and done. Anything by Ed Sheeran really gets my creative juices flowing. His songs always give me all the feels and so that’s where I turn to when I wanna write. Like, when I wanna write romantic scenes I listen to Thinking Out Loud and Kiss Me, when I wanna write something angsty, I listen to Happier and More Than This by 1D a lot. Yeah, but really, Ed Sheeran is my go to artist when it comes to writing. I have his songs on repeat when I write. So, Ed is my writing jam and it’s working pretty good for me!

Okay, so that is all I have to say about music and books and writing. Thank you, Broody for this interesting topic! I had fun writing this. And thank you for listening to me rant, you guys! 😀

Don’t forget to preorder your #BroodyBook or to add it to your Goodreads!

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