#Tagasaurus – The thank u, next Book Tag


I was tagged by the absolutely awesome Kru @ YA On My Mind to participate in the thank u, next book tag created by This Story Ain’t Over inspired by the latest Ariana Grande single! So, let’s go! (Also, I am assuming that this tag doesn’t require us to name books read in 2018 and I’m gonna name books from earlier years, too!)

Name a book that you said “thank u, next” to, i.e. DNF’d (did not finish).


As such, there have been many books that I have DNFed over the years, but this one still hurts the most. I am a huge Amish Tripathi fan and devoured the first two books in this trilogy in a day! (YES! THEY WERE SO FREAKING GOOD!) Of course, I started this one ASAP with such high hopes of getting that epic conclusion to the entire build up in the first two books, but sadly, after a few chapters (10/12, I guess), I just couldn’t. It seemed like the story was leading nowhere and we were going in circles and that the actual evil was not what I was looking forward to. After a point, I just couldn’t keep reading because it was also ruining the first two books for me and so, I stopped. I hope to pick this up again someday because I really do want to know how it all ends, so fingers crossed!


Name a book that taught you love (i.e. a book you loved)


Gotta stay true to my desiness and just had to name this one! I have already gushed so much about it in my review here – From Twinkle, With Love, Sandhya Menon – Book Review that I don’t know what else to tell you guys about how much I love it or why I love it. I just do, okay? A LOT!!


Name a book that taught you patience.


If one book has taught me that good things come to those who wait, it is this one. Yes, we all know SJM is trash, but that does not stop ACOMAF from being one of the best books I’ve read, so what can a girl do, really?


Name a book that taught you pain.


All my babies, okay? All of them! Gods! There was so much suffering(TM) in the last few chapters of this book, I cried buckets and buckets! GODS!! I JUST NEED THINGS TO BE OKAY IN THE NEXT ONE!!


Name a book that you loved at the time of reading but in hindsight you do not like as much anymore but which you still learned some other quality from.


Listen to me here, okay? I went through this big Colleen Hoover phase sometime in 2012/13 (This was before I even started this blog. And, if I remember correctly, my first post on here was actually a Colleen Hoover book review – November 9. Since that has been mentioned I just want to, once again, talk about missed marketing opportunity – releasing this book on November 10 was probably one of the worst decisions any pub house has ever taken. I shall die on this hill, thank you for coming to my ted talk.) But, coming back to this, I went through my CoHo phase and looking back, I see that all of her books were problematic AF and I wouldn’t be able to stomach 2 chapters from her books if I were to read them now, but at the time, I *loved* this one! And, it was actually the first book I read about a character with disabilities, so yay! Also, it introduced me to Griffin Patterson, who has absolutely amazing music, another plus! 


Name a book you’re currently talking to, i.e. have the hots for.


I am, albeit very slowly, reading this one right now and I am so in love! It is so good and so lush and just… all sorts of amazing! I love this book, that is all!


Name the book that gon’ last – the book of you – the book that helped you love yourself a little bit more.


The second Sandhya Menon book on my list, and also, perhaps, the most important book in my life. Reading Rishi – it changed my life completely. I have already talked about it in detail here – #DesiRepDiscussions – My Hero, Rishi Patel  but the long and short of it is that Rishi taught me how to be true to myself, and who I am. So, I shall forever be grateful to him. ❤


Feel free to tag yourself and have fun with the tag, but please don’t forget to credit the creator!

Also tagging – Maria | Stephanie | Dominique 





2 thoughts on “#Tagasaurus – The thank u, next Book Tag

    • Hahahaha. CoHo books have a theme. It’s always lotsa angst and drama and *problems* plus some problematic stuff too, from what I recollect. If you enjoy that, be my guest. But, I’d advise you remove them. :p

      Empire Of Sand is 😍😍😍😍
      You’ll love it!

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