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War of Mist (2019)

War is here.

Toxic mist drives all life to the brink of destruction and the conqueror queen, Ines, has her talons in the kings of the realm.

Bleak, having discovered her true heritage, must now scour the lands for the one thing that might save them all.

But the search is a treacherous one – and it will push her to the very limits of endurance.

Amidst secrets, lies and the intricacies of battle, Bleak and her companions learn just how far they’ll go for the ones they love. But will it be enough?

As deadly forces grapple for power across the continents, families, friends and allies unite to take one final stand.

Explosive revelations, heart-wrenching betrayals and breathtaking magic soar in the epic conclusion to Helen Scheuerer’s bestselling trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles.


Q1 : Hey, Helen! Thank you for this interview! It is such a pleasure to have you! Let me just tell you that I am an absolute fan of the Oremere books (that I’ve read so far) and I’m so excited for the conclusion! Tell us a little about it? What should readers expect?

A1 : Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to be here 🙂

As for the third and final book, War of Mist Readers can expect: high stakes, betrayals, secrets revealed, heartache and lots of action.

War of Mist unites all our favourite characters from the previous books and forces them to take a stand for what they believe in.

Q2 : How excited are you about release? It’s all coming to an end for Bleak & Co, and it’s so exciting!

A2 : It’s an incredibly exciting (and nerve-wracking) time for me at the moment. I’m excited to celebrate the end of this long journey with my readers, but I’m also full of nerves.

My readers have stayed with me over the course of three years, so I obviously don’t want to disappoint anyone!


Q3 : How does it feel to say goodbye to these characters that have been around for sometime now? I’m sure it isn’t easy.

A3 : I’ve read so many author posts in the past about how emotional it is saying goodbye to characters at the end of a book. To be honest, I didn’t really believe the hype, or at least, I didn’t expect to feel the same way. But I was wrong.

I was writing the final chapter and had this big realisation that I wouldn’t ever be writing about Bleak and the gang again. It was a very surreal, sad moment.

Q4 : Looking back, is there anything you would change about the books, the characters, the plot? Why?

A4 : That’s an interesting question, but you know what? I don’t think there’s anything I would change. I know they’re not perfect books (there’s no such thing), but everything that I’d consider changing has been a massive learning experience for me.

Without those learning experiences, I’d never improve as an author. And I like to think that I improve with each book 🙂

Q5 : My personal favourite character has been Dash, but who’s yours?

A5 : Ha, Dash is a solid favourite amongst my readers, but asking an author about their favourite character is like asking a parent to pick their favourite kid!

I love all the characters I’ve created, though I’ll admit I do have a soft spot for writing the banter between Commander Swinton and Captain Murphadias. Their bromance is a fave of mine 😉

Q6 : If you could co author a fantasy novel with any novelist in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

A6 : Ohhh another interesting question! You know, I’ve always doubted whether I’d be able to co-write at all. Writing a book is such a personal and internal process a lot of the time…

But if I had to pick someone, perhaps V.E. Schwab? She’s so creative and I love how honest she is about her own publishing and writing journey. I feel like I could learn a lot from her!


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Audiobook of Reign of Mist War of Mist




Helen Scheuerer is the YA fantasy author of the bestselling novels, Heart of Mist (2017) and Reign of Mist (September 2018). Both books are part of the action-packed trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles.

Helen is the Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit, an online literary magazine and learning platform for emerging writers. It’s now one of the largest writers’ platforms in the world.

Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. Helen also completed a Masters of Publishing at the University of Sydney.

She has been previously shortlisted for Express Media’s Outstanding Achievement by a Young Person in the Literary Arts Award and the Young Writers Showcase. Helen has also run writing and editing workshops for the NSW Society of Women Writers. 

Her work has appeared in VoiceworksACTWrite Magazine, The UEA Creative Writing Anthology, Tertangala (UOW), Capital Letters and of course, on Writer’s Edit.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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Y’all are invited to the Twitter Chat for the #WarOfMist on 20 July at 9am EST/9pm PHT hosted by the lovely Shealea to talk about the Oremere Chronicles, so get on it if you can!!


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