#MusicMonday (6) – Coke Studio


It has been almost an entire year since my last Music Monday post, and let me tell you, THIS IS THE WORST. I feel very disappointed in myself, as I should. This was supposed to be one of those little features that would keep bringing me back to the blog even when I was busy with real life things, but that has not been the case, sadly. I wish I’d done better. But I have not. Here’s to hoping it’s better from here on out!

#MusicMonday is one of those things that made me try out new music myself because I wanted to give out better recs every week, and while I haven’t made a post about it in 11 months, I have explored new artists and I’m really excited about sharing them with you. This week, we have something interesting and lovely, absolutely soulful that I can’t wait to share!

Coke Studio

Coke Studio was started by the Coca Cola company in Brazil originally, but was adapted by Pakistani record producer and composer Rohail Hyatt in 2008. It’s the longest running annual music show in Pakistan that features both emerging and established artists from the music industry.

(I know that Coke Studio does a lot of covers for old classics and not everyone likes the new touch they give to that music, but I have found certain songs that I absolutely adore on this channel, and I’m going to be sharing those here! Hope you like them as much as I do!)

Website | YouTube

listening to...

1. Afreen, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan

This was my introduction to Coke Studio. I don’t think I’ll ever love a Coke Studio song as much as I love this song. Maybe because it was the first song I heard? Maybe because I have never heard a more soulful song? Maybe because the lyrics are beautiful? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s a forever favourite.


2. Tera Woh Pyar, Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar

One of my friends recommended this song to me because it went really well with this fanfic and the moment I listened to it, it became a favourite. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking, yet just absolutely amazing and something I can listen to on loop for hours on end.


3. Muntazir, Danyal Zafar and Momina Mustehsan

I stumbled across this song as I searched for Coke Studio recs and absolutely loved it. The music is so beautiful and the lyrics are gorgeous. Definitely one of those songs that stays with you for a while.


4. Wohi Khuda Hai, Atif Aslam

This is a recent find of mine, a part of the latest season that aired in 2019, and I love it. It’s beautiful in a way that I can’t even describe. It’s so spiritual and definitely makes me feel closer to God when I listen to it.


5. Ranjish Hi Sahi, Ali Sethi

My first introduction to this classic was the Ali Sethi cover, but I listened to the original after I had heard this one, and I think that he was somewhat able to capture the beauty of this song, though of course, nowhere near the original. Yet, I love it. And Ali Sethi is an amazing vocalist who we should listen to more.


That’s about it for today! I hope you like the recs I gave. Drop me a line if you listen to them, will ya? Also, tell me your favourite Coke Studio songs!


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