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Prince Charming an all-new sexy standalone from New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is available NOW.


Keaton Bridge is one hundred percent bad boy.

Cassie doesn’t need a boy and certainly not a bad one. Nope. She fights crime for a living, and everything about this guy screams trouble, from his charming British accent to his mysterious past.

And Cassie doesn’t do trouble.

Keaton’s got his own trouble. He’s trying to go legit, and an FBI agent hanging around is the last thing that will help his credibility.

All it took was one night of passion to sear her into his skin. Now he can’t imagine living happily ever after without her.

All they have to do is walk away.

But neither of them ever walks away from a challenge.

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Lines We Forget, JE Warren – Book Review


FIGHTING DESTING - SHELLY MORGAN - LIMITLESS PUBLISHINGLove never comes easy, especially to those who aren’t prepared for it…
Twenty-four-year-old musician Charlie Stone has always played the classics. It’s just another day of playing the same old songs until he notices her—Anna Garrett, a beauty with cold-bitten, rosy cheeks and a coffee cup clutched in her hands.

Five songs later, and she’s still standing there. He vows to steal her heart the only way he knows how.

In the heart of London, chance encounters are few and far between, but a warm melody can bring people together…

New day, same old disappointments. Anna Garrett believes her luck at finding love has stalled before it’s even started when she’s stood up for a second date with a friend of her housemate.
But when she sees a handsome musician playing his heart out, everything changes. Memories come flooding back. As she listens to the music, Anna realises she must take matters of love and luck into her own hands.

When opposites attract, sparks fly…

After a series of wonderful, unconventional dates, feisty Anna and hopeless romantic Charlie declare their love for each other. But their newfound bond is rocked to its core by a New Year’s Eve party gone awry that threatens to throw them off course.

Finally, a bright future appears to be within their grasp. But when Anna’s world fractures and distance comes between them, the real work begins.

Will their love go on in perfect harmony, or become another old song full of Lines We Forget?



First of all, I am extremely sorry for posting the review so late! The book came out 10 days ago and I had plans to post the review on the release date, but work got in the way and then there was never any time. Even now as I type this, I’m hiding myself in a cubicle, away from the eyes of my boss!

Anywho, getting to the interesting part. This is love! ❤

I absolutely adore this story. It’s so well written and all the emotions explored in the story are phenomenally fantastically beautiful. They’re too good for words. I just adore it so freakin’ much! I have no words to describe how I feel about it!


So, let’s start now that I’m done fangirling (for now, anyway)

The story centers around a couple – Charlie and Anna who met one fateful day on a sidewalk when Charlie is performing and Anna is waiting for her date to show up. However, she meets Charlie instead and there’s no going back. That is the start of a beautiful and loving relationship and it goes from there.

The dynamics of their relationship are so beautifully explored. It’s real and sweet and cute and adorable and just every amazing thing out there. It isn’t overdone at any point of time and the progress of their relationship is shown in a very realistic way. All the anticipation and nerves and butterflies are beautifully shown. I love it.


Charlie is a happy go lucky guy who lives in the moment and enjoys every little thing in life. He’s a musician (strike one), plays the guitar (strike two), sings phenomenally great (strike three) and is British (strike one thousand!). Need I say more? But, he’s also super cute and adorable. He can be incredibly shy and is just this amazing person that I adore and love. Seriously, he’s the best! ❤


Anna is a sweet little girlie who I love! She’s smart and fiesty and fun to be around. I ❤ her so much. She’s a little undecided in life but that makes her more real to me. She’s just this amazing person who’s the absolute best!

So, yeah! This is amazing. Seriously. Go read. Right now.



The one who’s playing Brown Eyed Girl like he wrote it for her.


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141988651J.E.Warren currently resides in a somewhat sleepy seaside town, and is a British Romance/YA writer who has a long standing love for milky tea, travel, shaggy haired 90’s band Hanson, and small dogs.

She enjoys writing and bringing to life realistic and relatable characters, especially strong, sharp and savvy females who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Music has always played a big part in her life – from noisy rock to reggae, folk to pop punk and everything else in between. And is a constant source of inspiration when writing, especially when plotting new ways to steal reader’s hearts, or make them swoon (usually with the help of guitar playing heartthrobs.)

When she’s not writing, J.E likes to curate perfect playlists – of which she has many, and catch up on her favourite shows (again too many), though you can be certain to find Buffy The Vampire Slayer on heavy rotation.


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