The Shah Rukh Khan Book Tag (Original)


Please let it be known that before I am anything else (even human), I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan. I have grown up watching him in movies, hosting reality shows, being a guest on reality shows, and then, later, even gone back to watch his stuff from when he was acting on television. Any content he puts out, I watch, no matter what it’s about. So, yes, you could say that I am a stan. If I ever chose to stan an actor, it would be him.

And, in the 25 years that he’s been an active part of media, SRK has come out with a lot of movies, that tackle various subjects. So, I thought to myself – what better way to do a book tag, than to do an SRK themed one, yes? So, I got to work, and studied his filmography to come up with 20 prompts that I think are fun and you might enjoy doing! Also, it’s his birthday today, so like a present for him? For me? Who knows. Just a present!

I’m exceptionally excited to share them with you, but, first –


(Like any good fan, I know it’s never complete till Mr. Khan has spread his arms out wide. So, one of my favouriteĀ Signature SRKĀ moments – from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho!)

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