#WattpadWednesday – An Interview with Aanchal Budhiraja aka TooHotToBeTrue2


An Interview with Aanchal Budhiraja aka TooHotToBeTrue2 on Wattpad

(Of the Baking With Boys fame)

Okay, so I’ll start by saying that this is my first interview, ever (where I’ve been the interviewer, of course. There’ve been a shit ton of interviewee interviews in my life. We can thank my need for a job for that one.)

Any how, we’re getting off topic. This is my first interview and Aanchal is a dear friend of mine. So, if we’re absolutely, ridiculously unprofessional or we talk absolute shit, please forgive me. You’ve been warned.

Time to start!

I think this is the part where I introduce the guest for today/tonight/whatever time you’re reading this on.

And that person is Aanchal Budhiraja! A 20 year old college student, pursuing her masters in economics, Aanchal loves to write quirky stories about love, friendship and adventure, always leaving us wanting more with the abhorrent cliffhanger endings for each chapter. She loves to dye her hair in awesome colors and works out at odd hours of the day (seriously. Odd hours. She works out at midnight. So, you can say she is obsessed.)

She’s best known for her stories Baking With Boys and The Demon Babysitter.

Now that we know who we’re meeting today, let’s get started!

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#WattpadWednesday (Hidden Gems) – Cosmic Fate, Sash

So, it’s that time of the week again!

Hey, guys! How have you been? Did you read any new amazing books on Wattpad?

I have another for you, right here!

So, this book is really, really very important to me because it’s being written by Sash who is for all intents and purposes my best friend on Wattpad. She’s totally awesome and writes amazing stories and she’s just the absolute best! I adore her! ❤

This week, we’re going to talk about Sash’s current WIP – Cosmic Fate.




|| ❝What happens to the choices you don’t make?❞ ||

Maya, the power by which the universe becomes manifest; the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world. She was an eighteen-year-old Indian girl. A normal human.

Like me. Like you.

But she had an unfathomable connection with the universe. Having a vast ocean of power vested in her hand, unaware of how to wield, she was under the strict scrutiny of the Evil. The cosmos talked to her, it tried to lure her to her end, but even the universe could not break through the shenanigans of the black power.

Evil wanted to save her for Maya was the key to the several locked overlapping cosmos and she would cause the onset of chaos.


Did you get the shivers while reading this? Cause I sure as heck did! The blurb of this story in itself is so amazing that you can’t help but click on the ‘Start Reading’ button. Because, admit it, this is one of the most interesting blurbs I’ve come across off late. It’s so beautifully written and the use of vocabulary and the imagery it presents is amazing.

If it were me, this blurb and the awesome cover, which I totally, love by the way, would be enough to start reading. But, I know you guys want more and being the totally awesome person that I am, I’m going to give it to you. So, get ready!

The story is about an average girl, Maya, who has been going on about her life. Then, she finds out that she may not be as ordinary as she thinks. There’s stuff that happens to her when she goes to the pilgrimage of the Ganges and she gets marked by unknown forces. Fast forward to sometime later and her carefully constructed life starts changing once again by the appearance of a handsome stranger who claims to be her soulmate. Yeah, things get so much better, eh?

Sadly, this story is in the absolute fetus stage and has only three chapters online, but it’s so freakin’ amazing that I’m gonna recommend it to anyone who listens. I absolutely adore this. I love this. This is the best thing ever. And I am so very, very in love! ❤

Also, Sash is absolutely amazing. She’s so kind and sweet and just really, really amazing. You have to check this story and every other story of hers out. She’s such a brilliant writer, it’s a shame more people don’t know about her. Really. You gotta read her books, man! Totally!




So, you can go check this awesome story here –



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Happy Wednesday guys! 😀

#WattpadWednesday – Half Past, Em Slough

Hey guys!

It’s Wattpad Wednesday again! And this time, I’m covering this one author who I absolutely adore! She’s got so many amazing stories that I love and I could talk about them for days, but the one I’ve chosen here is one that she’s writing at the moment. I absolutely love this story and I’m looking forward to see it unfold!

So, here it is –

Half Past by Emily Slough! ❤



If the shoe fits, wear it? More like if Prince Henry’s genes actually match Ella Woods’ son’s, then, yeah, it looks like Charming has a kid.





So, this one is really in the beginning stages, only like 10 chapters in, but I love it. I mean, I always love everything this particular girl writes, but this one is just awesome! I absolutely adore it.

It’s so amazing. Like, it’s basically a retelling of Cinderella, but, instead of the shoe, we got a kid here :p

So, Ella met Henry a few years back when he came to dinner at a restaurant where she was waitressing. And then they clicked and yada, yada, yada. You know how that goes right? They slept together, she left in the morning to save herself the humiliation and boom! Two months later she found out that she was pregnant. But, she didn’t have any number to contact Henry and she didn’t even know he was a Prince till she was in her fifth month. However, she wasn’t sure he would believe her, so she never did contact him.

But, she gave up school due to it and took up a job in a local bed and breakfast to support herself and her son. Now, five years later, she runs into Henry again when he bunks in the bed and breakfast she works at for a week.

Of course it doesn’t take Henry long to realize that Fletcher is his son given that he immediately recognizes Ella and Fletch has Henry’s eyes. So, yeah, not rocket science for him to figure it out. To his credit, Henry doesn’t blow up a gasket and accuse Ella of keeping him in the dark. He understands her reasoning and requests her to let him be a part of Fletch’s life going forward.

The characters in this story are absolutely adorable and LOVE them!

Henry is cute and sweet and smart and charming and smexy! Oh my God! He is, he so is. He’s also good at the whole father business considering he’s new and Fletch is already four. They get along amazingly and just the way Henry is with him makes my heart melt. And, he pays so much attention to Ella it just makes me swoon! So many FEELS! ❤

Ella is sucha great mother. She’s smart and funny and lovely and absolutely amazing! I love her. She’s super kickass at the whole thing. She takes all of Henry’s affections towards her and their son in stride despite the fact that she’s seeing him after almost five years.

Fletcher is absolutely, totally adorable. I love him. I absolutely adore him. He’s so freakin’ cute! ❤

He’s pretty inquisitive and wants to know so many things in so little time. Sometimes, nobody has answers to his questions, so Ella makes him write those questions in his ‘Question Book’ so that they can look the answers up together. How cute is that?

Seriously, I love this! I mean, this story is in such a baby stage and #Hella (ship name courtesy of yours truly) is in the fetus stage and still, I adore them! I can’t wait to see how this story unfold because I know it’s going to be a treat to read! ❤



You can read the story here – 



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Yeah, all of them amazing books!

Also, she makes awesome covers! Here are some she uploaded on her ask –


Yeah, I LOVE her covers! Love doesn’t even cover it, really. I just… they’re perfection. *sighs*




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Happy Wednesday! 😀